Communication & IT Infrastructure System

Communication & IT Infrastructure System

We are specialized in designing, installation, and maintenance of all range of communication and IT Solutions for business and commercial projects, Hotel and resort, residential buildings, industrial and warehouse facilities.


Interfuture Technology provides you with full range solution starting from copper to fiber optic back bone for all the communication and IT infrastructural within you premises considering the local authorities standard. We cover all type of projects office, retails, residential villa, residential buildings and towers, hotels and resorts, hospital, and schools.

We are approved by Etisalat, Du, and TDRA for providing this service.  


Recently all the latest system are based on the TCP/IP protocol from CCTV, Access Control, Smart Home, Intercom, PABX and much more systems are designed to be IP based system. Hence, we are here to build up your network to much your required and budget. 

Our product ranges from small edge network switches with 4 ports till 1000 ports within the same network. With the use of core and fiber switches; we can connect all edge switches and create the coverage required to connect all the devices and system together.


PABX is an acronym for Private Branch Exchange, and it stands for a telephone exchange that is used in offices, hotels, schools, and hospitals to communicate between each other.

There are different types of PABX system and each one is designed to fulfil the client requirement and budget. We have analogue systems as well as more advance IP based PABX system or hybrid PABX.  


WiFi, is a wireless LAN technology that uses devices that are based on IEEE 802.11 standards. Devices that can use WiFi technology are quite varied. WiFi enabled devices can connect to the internet via a WLAN and a wireless access point. Access point, or hotspot, has a range between 10 meters to 30 meters indoors and it can have a greater reach outdoors.

We have different solutions starting from basic WIFI for home use to the enterprise solutions installed in the Hotels, Malls, Schools, and Hospitals.