Audio Visualization / Intercom Systems


The Audio & Video entry security phones are very convenient for verification and identification of persons requesting entry and can range from a single door audio unit to multiple doors video systems. Video entry systems have the added advantage of visual verification before allowing access through releasing door locks. Our ranges include many unique advantages with the wide varieties of colors and shapes of push button, double-call push-button and digital entrance panels. Monitors can also be supplied in full HD with mobile application to receive and control the calls.


Our conference room solution can support different room sizes as well as any number or participant. With our advance video conference solution, you will be able to present, share, and collaborate with no hassle. Our solutions can vary from small conference room system to an advance audio-visual hybrid system with ultra-sensitive microphone, high quality audio system, ultra-definition projectors, and management software.  


We offer a complete Head-end assembly in modular form (IF Multi-switches) and IPTV Interactive Solutions. The system includes single channel amplifier, Satellite signals processing with adjacent channel capability, audio/video modulators and frequency converters. All these components may be combined in several ways allowing fitting a system to deliver the best possible signal quality to the distribution system


Digital signage is the most in demand solutions all over the world. In hotels, malls, airports, street, and in companies you will you find it in the form of Video walls, LED display, and large format display. Digital signage solution is used to provide public information, internal communication such as promotions, Services offering, event schedules, maps, emergency messages, and much more. Our expert technical team can design the best solution based on your need and requirement using the latest technologies.


Our special system in this range provides multi-channels stereo music distribution with the capability to individually control the channels, volume, bass, and treble. This system has also the feature of connecting over mobile application with seamlessly access to thousand of music and online radio channels.

The system is also available which includes the design & engineering of various types of Microphones, Amplifiers and Speakers for both indoor and outdoor speakers for residential and commercial applications.